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2nd Letter to dog them

Here is another letter, we should all be sending them, to your own Bank and to the Central Bank of Ireland.

Dear Sir or Madam:

With reference to the general question of Governance of the Bank, can you please comment on my questions:

1. How is the disappearance of billions of €uro, now being replaced by billions of €uro that the Government decided to pay out to the Banks, can you explain just where all this money went in the first place?
2. Where is the money, that is being paid to the Banks coming from? Exactly where?
3. Is the Property Tax a form of Bond, a Bond to be used in conjunction with the Central Bank of Ireland to gain funds?
4. If the Property Tax is a Bond then where this money be used?

1. Is it a condition of the money the Bank received to be used for clearing Bank debt as working capital? Or some other ‘special’ purpose? Or is it a matter that your bank can use the bailout funds as you see fit?
2. Regardless of the above answer, can you tell me who is monitoring the usage of the bailout funds?
3. Is there any ‘conditions’ to the bailout money your bank received? If so, what are those conditions?

1. Who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the statutory and code of practice regulations of your bank?
2. In the event of your bank was following its statutory functions in supervising its role correctly, how is it possible to effectively collapse the bank?

Banking License:
1. Was your bank issued a license from the Central Bank of Ireland?
2. If so, what are the conditions of that license?
3. Would it be possible to view that ‘said’ license? If not, where are there copies of the license and the conditions under which your bank functions?
4. Is it possible to trade in Ireland without a banking license?
Who in your bank is responsible for monitoring compliance with said license?