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Breaking the Law (we believe)

Breaking the Law (well we believe they are, that’s why we are suing them).

Your bank if a member of Europe broke the following laws THEY COULD NOT HOLD A LEGITIMATE EUROPEAN BANKING LICENSE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING S.I. No. 395/1992 — European Communities (Licensing and Supervision of Credit Institutions) Regulations, 1992. 4. Control of credit institutions and solvency ratio. 5. Determination of qualifying holding. 6. Minimum capital requirement. 13. Maintenance of own funds by credit institutions. 19. Non-disclosure of information. 33. Offense’s.

This can be added to your Statement of Claim.

Licensing & Supervision of Credit Institutions

Go Check it out and YOU decide if you want to add it to your Statement of claim, you will have to prove it when it goes to Court.