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The Hub-Ireland: Dublin                                          stay

The Hub-Ireland

Phone: 01 534 9118


The Hub-Mullingar 085 727 3111                Mullingar

The Hub-Galway 087 767 9712                    Galway

The Hub-Carlow 085 737 5224                    Carlow

The Hub-Wexford 089 250 9283                Wexford

The Hub-Meath 087 182 1938                     Meath

The Hub-Cork

The Hub-Dun Laoghaire

The Hub-Bangor NI

The Hub-Roscommon

The Hub-Worldwide

The Hub-Limerick

The Hub-Offaly

The Hub-Kildare

The Hub-Waterford

The Hub-Sligo

The Hub-Mayo

The Hub-Wicklow

The Hub-Kerry Support Group

The Hub-Donegal

You can contact our groups via FaceBook  (All others are  Impostors).

We do not charge: we work on donation. If you are asked for money and they claim to be from the Hub please contact us on 01 534 9118 or email us:

The Gog

Our old web page

Old but full of information.