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Finding my NOTE

Bonds – original bonds should generally be held with a clearinghouse. In Europe there are 2 clearing houses, one being Euroclear in Brussels (as I guess you know, bonds, promissory noes etc are known as securities).

The other clearinghouse in Europe is Clearstream and they are in Luxembourg.

They are held on microfiche, but if this is actually true nowadays of digital money etc, who knows.

To find a bond, one needs one of the following codes;

An ISIN, or a Sedol or a CUSIP.

If one has one of these codes, and manages to get access to Bloomberg (the ‘real’ banking Bloomberg), info on this programme would be available to us.

Another way of gaining info is if one has the ISIN – a person could then request the ‘prospectus’ of this bond from the bank or from the fund administrator of the bank who does all the buying and selling etc on their behalf.

The ‘prospectus’ under that ISIN contains a pile, and I mean a pile of info about that bond. Prospectuses are 100 pages long and more.

The problem of course is getting the ISIN/code.

Best of luck in finding your Note, if you do:- let us know, please.

‘Besides statutory requirements, the general law of contract imposes an obligation upon the directors to clearly and truthfully inform the public of the purpose to which their money is intended to be applied’.

Did they do this in anyone’s contract????

Special Purpose Vehicles [SPV] that may contain your mortgage:

Ulster Bank & First Active – Celtic Residential Mortgage Securitisations

Bank of Ireland – Kildare Securities & Brunel Residential Mortgage Securities

KBC Bank – Pheonix Funding

Irish Nationwide – Armoin Securities

EBS – Emerald Securities

PTSB – Fastnet Securities

Start Mortgages – Lansdowne Securities

Bank of Scotland Ireland – Wolfhound Securities

AIB – AIB Mortgage Funding

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