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Conor Mc Gregor

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`To Be Raffled’


A very special kind of Guy: Rob
Rob has donated an extraordinary item to the Hub, it is a signed photo of the knockout punch that Conor Mc Gregor delivered: can’t say enough thanks to Rob; that is some donation.


The signed and framed photo (with certificate of authenticity) will be Raffled and here is how it works:


The cost to enter is €5.00 per ticket.


  1. By. PayPal


  1. By a visit to The Hub – Ireland.

(The Hub-Ireland 1 / 21 Little Mary Street, Dublin 7). Map


  1. By post with SAE.

(The Hub-Ireland 1 / 21 Little Mary Street, Dublin 7).


  1. By emailing a pledge to buy a Ticket: when you can afford it.

Conor Mc Gregor

We wish to give everyone a chance to own this unique piece of Irish history. The money raised will go direct into the fund “keeping people in their homes”: those that can’t afford the stamping duty, travel costs to The Hub – Ireland and whatever is needed to stop the Banks pillage of this once wonderful land.


We are changing tactics, simple: awareness. We were content with doing the best we could with out limited resources.

We now understand that the Government have sold-us-out and it is our intention to raise public awareness: the money raised will be used to post adverts in local newspapers, national newspapers.

We have been emailing newspapers our press releases: not one printed a single word, so it is up to us: the people.


The Draw will be made in October 2016 (date to follow).

We will endeavour to enrol someone of notoriety to make the draw to ensure ‘fair play’; each entry will be placed in a envelope so there is no discrimination as to how you made your entry.


Good Luck everyone: some donation Rob and thanks in advance: