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The Hub-Ireland Support Pods

Into 2017 will see a few changes to The Hub – Ireland and our approach to the Circuit Courts, Eviction (attempted) and how YOU are going to get even more active:

Over the next few days The Hub – Ireland is going to create The Hub – Ireland – Support – Pods: they will be ‘open’ pages for a couple of weeks and then we will make them ‘members only’ pages; the aim of the pages is to help people support each other, those in mortgage arrears, the threat of mortgage arrears, in the High Court or Circuit Court: those that have a possession order.

Each ‘Pod’ will be self-running by the very people in the group: sharing experiences and more importantly “information and knowledge”. And don’t forget; these pages are debt related (only), enough is being done on many platforms; our aim is the added pressure of the debt courts!

The Hub – Ireland will help you to focus on your legal rights, moral rights and human rights but it will be the same as every other Hub page: self governing and self managing: there will be such a thing as ‘the red line’; something not to be crossed (instant ban), the groups moral compass will dictate the red line.

The groups we are putting forward:

The Hub – Ireland Support Pod for Families with Autistic Children. Here

The Hub – Ireland Support Pod for Families with sick children. Here

The Hub – Ireland Support Pod for Full Time Carers.

The Hub – Ireland Support Pod for People with Depression.

The Hub – Ireland Support Pod for People with Cancer (or in remission).

The Hub – Ireland Support Pod Fighting for the Family Home as a Single Parent.

All of the Pods we are putting forward and there is possibly more; have certain rights that are being ignored by the Irish Court System; as an action group you can find the support, help and means to move forward.

We already have one brave lady with an Autistic Child conducting a Judicial Review, with a writ mandamus into the High Court: the Circuit Court chose to ignore the child’s needs; even thought it was pointed out on Affidavit.

“you need each other because you are unique and society has left you behind, we intend to help you change that, please support us to move these groups into the spotlight: be mindful that it is Mortgage related, Courts or threats of.

If you have knowledge of the Courts, Human Rights and European Law: we need you. if you have an understanding of ‘any of the above’, then the groups we are creating needs you.

If you have something private to say you can always email us on