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The Platform of People Affected by Mortgages

Stop the Act: stop the Inhumane Act of Evictions, we left the 17th century 400 hundred years ago: why allow the banks to transport us back in time: Money / Land / Control.




The Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH) is one of the strongest elements in Spain’s massive anti-austerity movement. The first PAH, in Barcelona, formed in 2009 after Spain’s housing bubble burst in spectacular fashion, bringing the whole economy down with it. More than half a million households have lost their homes since 2008, and there are now well over 200 PAHs and local housing assemblies.

PAH Barcelona on facebook

PAH RedPepper

The spirit of PAH is in Ireland and has been here since 2013

How did a handful of people in a basement apartment in Dublin grow to become Ireland’s nation-wide anti-eviction movement?


How did those in mortgage arrears, a sector of society overwhelmed by debt, faced with the immanent possibility of homelessness and often suffering from unemployment, become a stage which could place the housing crisis at the centre of the national conversation and put a collective action back on the map for thousands of people?

To answer these questions is to understand the dynamic, widespread and popular of the movement which, have arisen in Ireland since the crash of 2008.


For The Hub – Ireland and other activists; those concerned with social change across Ireland, well, The Hub – Ireland has been a game changer. ‘Three years ago no one would turn up in the Evictions Court, today we have not only people turning up but canvassing the streets to highlight the plight of what can only be described as a national disgrace perpetrated by the Banks and the Government.


The Hub – Ireland (a self-help, support group), formed through a grassroots network of local people and with strong participants, has awoken the spirit of fighting for the family home. The Hub-Ireland was first started in a back bedroom in Kildare in 2013:  The Hub – Ireland has grown from strength to strength, we now have 6 offices: Dublin, Letterkenny, Wexford, Galway Carlow and Mullingar and 8 dedicated facebook pages: Dun Loaghaire, Bangor NI, Roscommon, Kerry, Kildare, Waterford, Sligo, Wicklow.


The Hub – Ireland Dublin


The Hub Offaly: 085 143 2898 (facebook page at the moment).


The Hub Wexford: 089 250 9283 (with an office).


The Hub Carlow: 085 737 5224 (with an office).


The Hub Galway: 087 767 9712 (with an office).


The Hub Limerick 089 213 4680 (facebook page only).


Local Hub pages you can contact through the messenger:

Roscommon: Roscommon

Kerry: Kerry

Waterford: Waterford

Sligo: Sligo

The Hub-Ireland hope to meet up with PAH shortly: PAH Spain  on facebook.

PAH Barcelona (in Spanish)

Wiki information

PAH’s Little Green Book

PAH International


Going forward: The Hub-Ireland is producing its own ‘Little Green Booklet’ on the Irish movement, the Circuit Courts (The Eviction Bill), what you can do to defend your home:

Coming soon:

Where the Political Might stands on the subject of Evictions or ‘NOT’ as is the case. Dispelling the fear of going to Court and why you should not be paying your mortgage at the detriment of your family: we will show you that it will not save have any bearing within the Circuit Court.

Watch this space; the Little Green Booklet will be available shortly, in both a PDF version and a hardcopy to be distributed to anyone that would like a copy.


Ever wonder where The Hub – Ireland gets its soul and determination?
Literally out the back of the Hub is St. Mary’s Abbey which was in its time the Hub of Ireland itself!
Nestled up a quiet cul de Sac is this gem of Dublin’s history but cast aside by Dublin city, and what a pity!
The Abbey was used as Ireland’s Parliament over 500 years ago and the Court of Silken Thomas was held there at a time when Church and State were inseparable (some would argue that little has changed across the street at the 4 Courts?)

The building where the Hub is now on Little Mary Street would have been part of the Abbey, it is in the ground there maybe, where all at the Hub-Ireland get their amazing stamina and almost spiritual dedication to causes that are morally right?

With a brief call today, they were 10 deep at the Hub, in my humble opinion, these people are “Heroes of Modern Ireland.” When history is written, The Hub Ireland will figure as an example of that true fight for justice that used to be the norm in Ireland and the many lives they have saved and family homes saved.
God save Ireland…St Mary's



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THE HUB’s Mission Statement:

We are a group of individuals who have come together in a bid to help people who are in mortgage difficulties.
Thousands of people in Ireland are drowning in debt and are so frightened and stressed that they do not know where to turn.
The consequences of our massive debt problem is having an inordinate effect on people and on society.

We don’t claim to be experts, we don’t have legal backgrounds, we don’t have financial backgrounds.
What we DO have is a very real and genuine desire to help, guide and support people through the morass of debt and help them deal with Banks and other financial institutions in order to get back on their feet.

The Hub will be a place to go and get help with your ‘case’, a place to meet and talk to people in similar situations and find solutions.

We give PowerPoint presentations and lectures to equip you with the knowledge you need in order to find a solution to you financial situation and when all-else fails: fighting the Banks through the courts.

We are not associated with: any party ; to any Political Group or Party: we are not aligned with any other group but work closely with many. We are not owned by any one person and are self-funding; we receive no monies, except by way of donations. Our PayPal account is there for everyone to view upon request.

Constitution of the Hub Ireland as ratified on the 13th of December 2014.

The Hub Ireland is an all-Ireland Movement. The Movement shall be organised and known as The Hub-Ireland in accordance with its rules and constitution.
Its core principles are;
1. To guarantee civil liberty and equal rights, equal treatment and equal opportunities for all the people of Ireland.

2. To develop the resources and wealth of Ireland for the sole ownership of the people of Ireland to their full potential, while making them work to the needs and welfare of all the people of Ireland, so as to provide the maximum sustainable employment, supporting a spirit of entrepreneurship, self-reliance and social partnership.

3. To protect and promote the family, inclusive of all its members and any format the family takes, as the fundamental unit group of society. This also promotes and protects the family home and finances.

4. To equitable protect the health, well-being and access to education of the people of Ireland.

5. To develop a distinctive national life in accordance with the diverse traditions and ideals of the Irish people and to restore and promote the Irish language as a living language of the people.

6. To protect the natural environment and invest and protect the heritage of Ireland and to ensure a balance between town and country and between the regions, and to maintain and support as many families as practicable on the land.

7. To make law in favour of the people and to promote and uphold the rule of law in the interest of the welfare and safety of the people of Ireland. To reform the laws and institutions of State, to make them efficient, humane, caring and responsive to the needs of all of the people of Ireland.

8. To guarantee access to justice both in civil and criminal matters for all of the people of Ireland.

9. To seek the unity of Ireland and its people in peace.


10. To recall the decisions of Government.

11. To promote a banking system based on transparency, accountability, sustainability and natural justice.

I gcomhair Éire, I gcomhair a dhaoine