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Budgeting, did you know?

This page is just that, a few tips on Budgeting your money and a few money saving tips:

Did you Know?
1. Sky TV, if you still have it, the cost is quite high, try this:- turn off the box, remove the Sky Card. Leave it off for about 2 minuets, turn the box back [don’t put the card in]. now, go down all of the channels, you will be surprised just now many channels you get for free, even movies, news etc.

2. Your internet, in our opinion:- keep it at all costs [let Sky TV go first], look around for a cheaper provider, ring your existing one and explain “you need to do a better deal with me or I am forced to search for a cheaper provider”. If you don’t ask you won’t get.
Your Internet CAN get you a job, educate you, keep you in touch, you can even watch TV and Movies.
Your Sky TV won’t keep you informed.