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Human Rights & the Summary Summons

Summary Summons is against your Human Rights

Master of the High Court sends debt collection case forward for plenary hearing.
Summary summons – “leave to defend” – order 2, Rules of Superior Courts – O 37, r 10, RSC – avenue available to any defendant refused leave to defend – position of lay litigants – patience of court – crowded Monday morning lists – whether hearings fair – Article 6, European Convention on Human Rights – hearsay evidence on affidavit – O 40, r 4, RSC – notices to cross-examine – abuses of process – opinion of solicitor – whether opinion safe basis for court’s determination – confusion for lay litigant arriving in court to answer claim – arguable defence – entitlement to plenary hearing – UK summary judgment procedure – admissibility of unsworn statement – status of oath – hearsay evidence – barristers’ code of conduct – whether any genuine issue as to any material fact – whether anything for the jury to decide – inefficient use of court time – what constituted a fair hearing – position of different defendants – European Convention of Human Rights – whether bank had duty of care not to lend to borrower who could not repay.
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