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There is no such thing as too many Questions:

  • By suing my Bank will it stop any action they are taking again me?
    • No, if you start or don’t start proceedings against them, they will continue their claim.
  • By suing the Bank will the constant barrage of letters stop, will the phone calls stop?
    • No, proceedings will continue in the normal way.
  • By suing my Bank will it aggravate them and speed things up?
    • No, the process of them taking you to court has its own time-scale and can’t be fast-tracked because you have given them the ‘Hump’.
  • Do I go to my Legal Advice Centre?
    • Yes, collect all information you can but the Legal Aid Board only works on points of Law; technically you owe the money so they won’t represent you. They can advise you and help you but they won’t go to court for you but exhaust all avenues.
  • Is the advice Legal Aid gives me, correct?
    • Now this is a difficult point, you need to double check everything you are told, take nothing on face value, just because something sounds good, it’s not necessarily so. People have walked themselves into a whole world of court proceedings by being miss informed.
  • Do I go to New Beginning?
    • Exhaust every angle, every avenue, New Beginning is no longer free, they charge a fee to cover their paperwork costs, we believe around €300.00 but don’t quote us. New Beginning’s
  • Does New Beginning’s help?
    • From my experience and my [Byron] experience only: they will intervene between you and the ‘other side’, but they are snowed under with cases. They only really wanted to make a deal [and again this is my opinion] and get us to walk away from the house (our only house & family home), so if you engage with them:- be strong and tell them what you want to happen, what you want them to do.
  • How can I help New Beginning’s?
    • Yes, if you engage with them, it is not the time to sit back and say “Thank God”, it is a time to start putting your case into words, write your story and give them the facts. Do not just accept what they say, protect your home and keep your home. If they can do a deal and you can walk away debt free, if it suits you, do it, but, think long & hard.
  • Will the Bank know I am suing them?
    • Yes, even before you ‘serve’ your Summons: the banks are watching and see how many people are lodging their summonses.
  • The Banks know I am Suing them, how will this affect my case?
    • It will not affect your case or what you are doing, the Banks are just watching the numbers that are suing them, you have NOT just given them the ‘heads up’, it makes no difference to them, it does not help them in any way.
  • When I start suing the Bank do I stop paying my mortgage [or whatever you are paying towards the mortgage]?
    • NO, keep up any deals you have made, when it goes to court in will always work in your favour.
  • Will I have to stand up in Court?
    • Yes, as a lay litigate you are in control of your own case but that is what we are about, you will build your case and represent yourself. This site will develop to help you through the courts, step by step.
  • What can I expect when in court?
    • Well, the best advice we can give is simple advice: go visit the courts, you are quite within your rights to sit in on any court proceedings. Accustom yourself to how the courts work and what goes on. The best start we believe, is the Masters Court, it is held on a Friday and Tuesday [ check the Diary ]. The Masters Court is on the second floor East Wing, well sign posted. His court starts at 10.30, is normally finished by lunchtime.
  • Can I have any input or ask questions in the court?
    • NO.
  • Can I take notes whilst in court?
    • YES, we do all the time, any laws he quotes, cases etc, take notes, go home and Google them, it may well help your case.
  • Is there a dress code for the courts?
    • Not really, smart – casual. Its not suit and tie job!
  • Can I stop the sheriff?
    • If things have gone past any help we can give here and you are expecting the sheriff; the game is not over, far from it. It’s just another part of your life has started.