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More Tactics

The more letters you send requesting ‘information’ the more of a delay in your court case, because if, for example, you are due in the Masters Court and you have only just received your file, then you are within your rights to ask for an adjournment to study your file.

If you are not in the ‘court’ stage then you can send letters to your bank asking them to Clarify certain points. This could delay matters even more and slowdown them proceeding to ‘court’ level. But remember, don’t ask all your question in one letter, keep sending individual ones, delay, delay, delay.

All decisions made by your Bank on your financial situation, eg: Not allowing a re-arrangement of payments, – accounts is unsustainable etc, can be and should be appealed by you, in writing to the Bank. In fact any decision they make should be appealed.

Any appeal you make must go before the Appeals Committee of the Bank, which delays any further proceedings against you. Another delaying tactic.