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Timeline of your ‘to do’s’

The Time Scale of what happens.

[Where we say Bank it refers to any institution that provided a Mortgage]

1. You are going to request your file from the Bank; Collecting Your Information.

2. You are going to go through your file .

3. Then you are going to fill in and build your Originating Summons: The Summons .

4. Next we are off to the Four Courts to Lodge your Summons: Where do I go & what do I do.

So with the above done, you are going to walk into your Bank and serve it. ‘About to feel good, real good’.

1. Enter the Bank, go to a member of staff and ask “do you work for the Bank”, when she answers yes, hand her the summons and say “Good, here I serve you this”. Date and sign your copy. [I must say I added the ‘Good’ bit, but it feels so good].

2. Or enter the bank and go to a member of staff you know = just hand it to them and say, “I am serving this”, again fill in the date and sign your copy [feeling good, feeling good].

3. On your copy, take it out and add the date and sign it, you have just taken the step of suing the back. Now, how good does that feel?

4. You now have 21 days from when they make an appearance  [this is extended for you, as lay litigates but don’t give them the satisfaction] to supply them with a ‘Statement of Claim’.

5. You will then be contacted as to what hey are going to do.

Think on this: if you can put a good enough case together, one of two things can happen, because there is so many of us now suing the Banks, the illegal Banking system in Ireland is brought down. We are over 500 strong to date. The second thing that could happen is an out of court settlement. They don’t need that sort of advertising.

We will update this file very shortly.