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It is time to complain


Financial Services Ombudsman

Sample complaints for the 8000 mortgage holders that are facing pepper acting for shoreline: Please register 3 separate complaints in sequence for INBS/IBRC then shoreline , then Pepper.

Likewise: if you are with Pepper as managing your account: put a complaint in. Who are these guys?

But with a little bits of imagination these complaints can be lodged: should be lodged; how is listening to us? So complain. Lets wake up the relevant bodies to what is going on.

IRISH NATIONWIDE – IBRC wording for complaints

Shoreline Residential complaint wording

Pepper complaint wording

INBS-IBRC_sample Cust_Complaint_Form Redacted

Shoreline Alleged Principal_Cust_Complaint_Form redacted

Pepper _ sample Cust_Complaint_Form redacted


complain 2

2016-07-04 Formal Letter to Credit Bureau regarding credit report data

2016-07-04 Formal Letter to Data Commissioner regarding credit report data v2

2016-07-04 Formal Letter to Start Mortgages regarding credit report

C36267 – Start Mortgages Limited – Financial Service Provider Register Data

Data Commissioner – Lone Star Funds – Specialty Management Firms

Data commissioner – M-14-025 Determination Lone Star-Start Mortgages

Data Commissioner – New York Attorney General Examining Private Equity Firm’s Mortgage Business – The New York Times

Start Mortgage Limited – accounts as at March 2015 58687868


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THE HUB’s Mission Statement:

We are a group of individuals who have come together in a bid to help and advise people who are in mortgage difficulties.
Thousands of people in Ireland are drowning in debt and are so frightened and stressed that they do not know where to turn.
The consequences of our massive debt problem is having an inordinate effect on people and on society.
We don’t claim to be experts, we don’t have legal backgrounds, we don’t have financial backgrounds.
What we DO have is a very real and genuine desire to help, guide and support people through the morass of debt and help them deal with Banks and other financial institutions in order to get back on their feet.