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Letter, Validation of Debt ?

Validation of Debt letter 1 (nice Version).

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Their name and address


Re: Account/Reference Number:


After receiving numerous emails from you & your company and in the event I now consider the fact that you are harassing me I need to take this case to the next level, can you please answer the following question:

1. Validation of the debt (the actual accounting).
2. Verification of your claim against me (a hand signed invoice in accordance with Bills of Exchange Act 1882.
3. A copy of the contract signed by both parties and therefore binding both parties.
4. I would be obliged if you would forward a copy of your authority or deed of appointment in the form of an attested copy from your client.
5. One serious question I would like you to answer: Are you acting on hearsay? If not then please forward copies of any invoices and signed contracts.
4. Please forward a copy of your license / authority to carry on in such business as a debt collector for XXXXXXNAME.
5. Can you give me the facts of this alleged debt, i.e., verify and show me the communications between you and XXXXXXNAME, because my recollection of events and the alleged debt seem to differ, having contacted the branch and spoken to the members of staff.

I hereby give you ten (10) days to reply to this notice from the above date with a notice sent using recorded post and signed under full commercial liability and penalties of perjury. Assuring and promising me, XXXXXNAME, that all of the replies and details given to the above requests are true and without deception, fraud or mischief.

I do not wish any other person, XXXXXNAME, to deal with this matter.

Due to the nature that our communication have taken and the fact that I now consider your action as harassment, please note: I wish to deal with this matter in writing and I do not give you or your organisation permission to contact me by telephone / email or in person.
Should you do so, I must warn you that the any communication other than in writing could constitute ‘harassment’ and I may take action under Section 11 of the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act 1997, as it is an offence to demand payment of a debt in a way designed to alarm, distress or humiliate.

In closing, XXXXXNAME, may I remind you that under Irish law, a person cannot have an agent forced upon them. This is due to the fact that when someone is acting as an agent on half of a person, that person, not the agent, is responsible for everything that agent does. The receiver also has what is called an “equitable duty of care” for both parties. So Stephanie, please take note, YOU have to take account of your actions in this matter.

Yours sincerely


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