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Byron Jks

Welcome to our site, my name is Byron; I arrived in Ireland late 1999, my wife is Irish and could never settle in the UK so we thought we would come to Ireland and for my wife it was giving Ireland a second chance. She left Ireland because of the same situation we find ourselves in now!
I am Welsh by origin, I was born in London. My Father left Wales for the same reasons we find ourselves today, [well it looks like history is repeating itself] looking for work and a better way of life.

Upon coming to Ireland and within five years we had built a successful building business and were enjoying the fruits of our hard work, then the Boom & Bust set in, the Investors saw the writing on the wall, early ! and started pulling out, the Bank then foreclosed on the business. And the rest they say is History, well it’s not, it is just the start.

The fight starts here. I can claim Granddad’s rights on being Irish, I have no need to, I respect your Sovereignty and hopefully you will respect mine, this is a nation pulling together or we fall apart ‘together’.
The Banks just followed procedure to dupe us, the only exposure is, their greed and speed, that is where it all went wrong for them, thank God. Their mistakes will bring them down.

We have to work together and pull together to bring about what we want, the end of the Banking System we know. They have driven me to the edge, more than once and then by pure chance and I mean pure chance we bumped into a guy that introduced us to Debtoption on Facebook. He said, “get involved, your lives will change”. We did and it has, we are now taking the fight forward and doing what we can. He does not know how ‘he’ changed our lives.

Each week we go up to the Masters Court and ‘sit in’, we take notes but more than that, if we see people representing themselves we talk to them outside the court, introduce ourselves and tell them about Debtoptions and give them a fighting chance, Hope & the Fact they are Not Alone. Help is out there; you are looking at living proof.

So our short comings; we are not, solicitors, barrister or legal eagles, I was a builder employing over 70 people, that’s it. I officially left school at 16 with a few GCSE, Unofficially I left at 14, earning a pretty good living, on the sidelines.
Anything we tell you here on these pages is just what we have learnt, before believing it:- check it out for yourselves, if you agree, then take it forward.

We wish you nothing but the best and please be assured, we have no hidden agenda, truly; we just want to help you help yourself.

Ireland is a small place, only 4 ½ million, we can make pursuing the Banks work, we can use the fact that ‘they’ have depleted our numbers, made our family and friends leave their homeland, yet again.
My Grandfather left Ireland in 1886, forced out and looking for work and a better way of life, well they have just made the same mistake again; However this time, because there is only approximately 4 ½ million on this Island of Ireland – the movement will not get lost in the numbers.
This could never work in the UK, France or Spain, there are too many people and it would seriously get lost in the numbers.
Use your own being to turn the tables over and expel the moneylenders. Join the movement that is happening and start to take back Control of Your Life.