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Right of access

Don’t ring my door bell!

Unless you are will to pay the price.

Having trouble with unwanted visitors? Copy this page, change the detail and post it on your front door.



Notice is hereby given that all implied rights of access to the property known as

‘Ait an Halla Dubh’ Blackhall, Co Kildare,

are removed in respect of the following:

Any employee or agent or principal or any other person acting on behalf of the CORPORATE COURTS, COURT MESSENGER, LOCAL COUNCILS, and

Any employee or agent or principal or any other person acting on behalf of any bailiff or bank or credit union or Asset Servicing Company or receiver or other debt collection agency.

Please also take notice that the land known as Ireland is a Common Law Jurisdiction and any transgression of this notice will be dealt with according to common law. Without ill-will, vexation or frivolity,

Thursday, 21st February 2013

Given under the great seal of the ancient clan of Jenkins by

(authorised representative for Byron xxxxxx)

WITHOUT PREJUDICE (all natural inalienable rights reserved) Warning – Failure to comply with this notice – without lawful excuse or claim of right – will be deemed common law trespass and your unconditional agreement to pay the [freeholder] the sum of €500 (seven hundred euro) or the inflation adjusted equivalent thereof in compensation & that a lawful invoice will be drawn against you with payment terms of within 7 (seven) days of service. Further you would have agreed to waive all your rights in any dealings with the [freeholder]; and dishonour will be enforced.

Claim of ignorance of this lawful notice will be deemed no lawful excuse. So this is the offer to contract, by PRESSING MY DOORBELL OR KNOCKING AT MY DOOR WILL BE deemed your acceptance.