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Circuit Court & what we are up against

The Circuit court.
The Circus Court, sorry, typographical error?
The Longer we are here the more we are realising that there is a very strong covenant between the Banks, the Law Society and the Judges.
Because of the reform bill of last year [taking us through the Circuit, rather than the High Court], the covenant has now filtered down to the Circuit Court & the Registrar overstepping their authority.
It would seem that the common response to an ‘unconditional’ appearance is: “you have three [3] months to get into a payment plan with your bank or there will be an eviction order waiting for you when you come back”.

Know your rights, see Order 17


So lets see what is going on here.
1. The registrar can’t put a possession order on you, without your consent (unless Shatter changed those rules, as well).
2. You have a right to a fair hearing and due process.

Those that fight are living to fight another day.
And because it is a commercial court you will probably loose = happy days, “we appeal” and it is off to the High Court to get Due Process.


Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2013 is a must read to see how a Government and the Banks can jump into bed: