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Court sittings:

The Circuit Courts:




The Summons and Lodging the Summons:
1. The fee for lodging your Summons is €190.00

2. You pay for the summons on the second floor in the redbrick building in the Four Courts, the building is called: Áras Uí Dhálaigh, Inns Quay, It is situated: Area 5.on the map.

3. Once you have paid your fee you need to photocopy it, 4 Copies. 1) Your copy. 2) The one you will Serve on your Bank or Mortgage Company. 3) One to play with = read and get to know 4) the one the court keeps.
You can get your Summons photocopied next to The Four Courts Law Library. The department right next to the Law Library, the cost is approximately €0.30 per sheet.

So now you have to get your Summons stamped (embossed). This is done on the Ground Floor of the main building, see our map.

At the desk the clerk will read over your Summons and lodge it, he will then emboss it. At this stage, ask him to ’emboss it well’, you can’t get it done twice. When he hands it back to you = Check the embossing, make sure you can see it and feel it.

So, you now have an embossed Summons, in the top right corner is your number, copy that number onto your other 3 photocopied Summonses.
This number is your unique number and when doing any Court search or writing letters you must quote this number.

As of March 2014 there are more than 100 of us. You have just joined an Elite Club. See Debt Options on facebook and Claire Cullinan.

Question: can the Clerk change or add to your Summons, Answer: yes, if you have made a Mistake, he will change it, he is there to help you.

Don’t forget: on entering the office, ‘take a ticket’.

Have fun, you have just taken control of your life.


The Judges:




Judge Marie Baker

Marie Baker became a barrister in 1984 and a Senior Counsel in 2004. She practices mainly in family, civil litigation and commercial law, and is a part-time Commissioner of the Law Reform Commission.
Irish Times 18 Dec 2013
Marie Baker was born in 1954 and was educated at University College Cork and at King’s Inn. She is a part time commissioner at the Law Reform Commission and has worked as a lecturer. Ms Baker has practiced primarily in the areas of family law, civil litigation, commercial law and conveyancing. 6 Feb 2014
THE first protective certificate in a High Court personal insolvency case was issued yesterday for a woman with debts of around €2.5m which she was unable to repay. Ms Justice Marie Baker said yesterday, she was satisfied to issue the certificate, having considered the application from the new Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) over the debt. 18 Dec 2013
Biographical Details for Marie Baker, S.C.
• Born: 1954
• Educated: University College Cork and King’s Inn
• Called to the Bar: 1984
• Called to the Inner Bar: 2004
• Accredited Mediator
• Part Time Commissioner of the Law Reform Commission
• Has lectured in contract and commercial law
• Practices mainly in family, civil litigation, commercial law and conveyancing.
Law Reform Commission Web Site.
Marie Baker, Judge of the High Court
Part Time Commissioner

Marie Baker is a graduate of UCC and was called to the Bar in 1984. She became a Senior Counsel in 2004.

Her main areas of interest are family law, conveyancing, trusts, banking and general chancery, with recent focus on the impact of NAMA legislation. She practises mainly in the Commercial and Chancery courts.

Commissioner Baker has lectured in commercial and contract law and was a member of the Government-appointed commission which reported on pre-nuptial agreements.
On 8th January 2014, Commissioner Baker was appointed High Court Judge.