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Default Motions

Default in Appearance:
This not Legal Advice or Legal Assistance, it is for educational purposes only.

The Defendants [your bank] have 8 days after you served them to put in an appearance into the Central Office.
They don’t, so what can you do?
Ignore that and hope there is no effect on your case!
The correct thing to do and we are only quoting the ‘Letter of the Law’:-
You should / can go for a Judgement in Default of Appearance. Once you have served the Defendants with the Motion for Judgement and we can almost guarantee they will turn up and fight it [but look at the noise you are making].
So what would be the outcome, in most cases the Judge will give the Defendants one to 2 weeks to make An Appearance.
An Appearance is just dropping an Affidavit into the Central Office of the Four Courts.

Once the Defendant has made an Appearance: “only then” do you have the clock ticking, you have 21 days to serve them with your Statement of Claim [SoC].
You can send them letters asking question about your Data, about your case and put on the bottom of the letter ‘the question form part of your SoC and only when the question are answered can you supply your SoC’.

The SoC is not registered with the Court, you just send it, registered post if you want [not necessary though].

You have 2 shots at the SoC: “The Plaintiff can change, alter, modify, extend”.