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Plenary Summons to relaxation.

So you join the movement and join the band of 800 suing their banks, what happens?

  1. You need to join Claire C and her movement at debt options Ireland. She meets up most Mondays.
  2. You file against your bank and here Claire gives her talk on the pro’ and con’s of serving.
  3. If you have decided to serve, great, your new life has just begun but this is where the education starts [more later].
  4. Once your bank makes the appearance in the Central Office of the Four Courts they should then send you a copy of the ‘official appearance’. From you receiving that form you have 21 days to put in your Statement of Claim [ie, why you are suing them].
  5. You now need to do a few things, A) Revoke your Power of Attorney, use the ‘search this site’ to find that generic letter. B) Lodge an Affidavit with the Court, proving you revoked it [The Hub – Ireland members can obtain a free generic copy and a ‘how to paper].
  6. You need to send to the Bank a request for your Data File, again search our site for the generic letter.
    1. We are asking everyone, once you have it, if it is not indexed, send it back and ask them to index and list the contents, it is a legal document and you/they may need to rely on its contents. How do you know what is in, it if it is not index [apart from that, just think how much time you have just tied them into].
  7. You need to sit down and write your mortgage story, from that will come your SoC.

As part of the new learning we suggest you see our Facebook page The Hub – Ireland