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The Masters Court

What is the Masters Court and what happens in his court? Procedures

We have just made trips to the Masters Court and sat in and here is what we know so far.

The Masters Court:
Cases go before the Master before they go downstairs to main ‘Vipers’ court. Here is where both sides can gain time; you go for an adjournment to gain time to be able to put your case together.

If you are being sued this court can be used to gain time, do not do what we did!!!! We corrected all of the mistakes from our mortgage company’s affidavit in our affidavit [All six of them] – thanks New Beginning, great idea, we just gave them the bullet to shoot us with.

Their expert witness just made a bucket load of mistakes and we corrected them, guess what, the next affidavit, they were all corrected.
The moral of the story “don’t do it, save any thing you find for when it goes downstairs and use it at the correct time”.

The Masters Court is not a court per-say; it is a place where the Master decides if both Plaintiff & Defendant are ready for court.

For those of you suing the bank = you don’t want to hold the process up, so; have your information and get the Master to set a date for you. The Bank will try and stall the date by going for adjournments to “collect information” ETC.

For those being sued; get it adjourned by requesting time to make an affidavit and / or collect information. “we are not ready because”: make it an proper excuse or it won’t work!
Proper excuses:
Our circumstances have changed and we would like to go back to the Bank with our proposal, you may well have to show the Master what you have.

We are waiting for an appointment from the Legal Aid Board, to take advice from them. You will need to show a letter confirming this.

We have only just received our ‘file’ and need time to go through it.

Enjoy and have fun. And we will be adding to this file. We will add the exact nature of the Master & what powers he actually has.