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The Summons

This section deals with your Summons.

Them serving the Summons on you, if they can’t find you [in person] they can’t serve you the Summons, here are the facts

Serving YOU

Here we will give you an example of what your Summons should look like, the costs and how you have just taken BACK control of your life.

Here is a quick look at your Originating Summons, it is blank for now, you are going to fill it in later.



No. 1

O.1, r.2





Between insert name of plaintiff Plaintiff,

And insert name of defendant


To the defendant insert defendant name of insert defendant address in the County of insert County

This Plenary summons is to require that within eight days after the service thereof upon you (exclusive of the day of such service) you in person or by solicitor do enter an appearance in the Central Office, Four Courts, Dublin in the above action; and TAKE NOTICE that, in default of your so doing, the plaintiff may proceed therein, and judgment may be given in your absence.

BY ORDER, THE HONOURABLE insert the name of the Chief Justice Chief Justice of Ireland, the insert date day of insert month two thousand and insert year

N.B. – This summons is to be served within twelve calendar months from the date hereof, and, if renewed within six calendar months from the date of the last renewal, including the day of such date, and not afterwards.

The defendant may appear hereto by entering an appearance either personally or by solicitor at the Central Office, Four Courts, Dublin.


The plaintiff’s claim is insert details of claim

Signed________________________________ Solicitor for Plaintiff

This summons was issued by the plaintiff in person who resides at insert plaintiff address is insert plaintiff’s occupation , and whose address for service is insert plaintiff’s address for service if different


This summons was issued by insert name of solicitor , whose registered place of business is insert solicitor’s address solicitor for the plaintiff, who resides at insert plaintiff’s address and is insert plaintiff’s occupation

This summons was served by me at insert place of service on the defendant on the insert date day of insert month and year

Indorsed the insert date day of insert month and year

Signed ________________________


We will give you all the information you need to fill out the Originating Summons.

We will include example and templates to download.

Where to go and how much will it cost:

Where do I go & what do I do

The Irish Constitution

The Constitution

Issuing a High Court Summary Summons

Issuing a High Court Summons

Document Downloads

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