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What should be in my data request file

I keep getting asked what is in my Data and what am I looking at

1. Your letter of offer.

2. All of the letters they wrote to you informing you of any interest changes [certificate of interest].

3. Statement of your account.

4. The formal demand letter.

5. Mortgage application form [the one you filled in].

6. The Mortgage intermediary form [you signed]

7. The consent form you signed under the consumer credit act 1995.

8. The declaration & authority form you signed.

9. The indenture you signed.

10. The solicitors undertaking.

11. The client retainer & authority giving your solicitor permission to act for you in registering the title deeds.

12. The declaration of identity.

13. The deed of assignment.

14. All the letters they ever sent you.

15. A chat file which lists any of the times they phoned you and listing all letters they sent you.

16. Copies of any letters you sent them.

17. The declaration of affordability you signed.

18. Copies of the data you supplied, passport, household bills, confirmation of address, P60, payslips ETC

19. Solicitors undertaking.

Have you done the same with the mortgage companies solicitor, you want your file, right.

I think I have covered just about everything, if any of the above is missing from your file, ask or it, they may not have kept the same file system BUT they should have.

They may well want to fob you off so use xxxx letter and get them to swear you have anything, what about adding “anything you may rely on in court”???