A little bit about the Hub-Ireland:
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Here is a PDF to The Phoenix Magazine’s piece on Judge Griffin.

Why fund The Hub – Ireland:
The Hub is there to lend a hand to anyone in mortgage difficulties; we are a non-profit organisation that relies on donations. Our ethos has always been “how can you charge someone that is in fear of loosing their home and are at the lowest ebb of their lives”.
We are looking to raise enough money to have a fund available to those who are in the courts with their banks; specifically, those that have an eviction orders against the family home and are unable to afford the court fees to file an appeal.
You Start Here, The Hub – Ireland

The mission of this site is to give you as much information and help, in your quest to take YOUR banks to Court. Also, if you are being taken to Court, there is loads of information to help you delay this or get you through the ongoing process.The pages are self-help format, You do the work and build your case, we just show you how.
We will show you where the information is and how to use it.If you are taking your Bank to Court or you are being taken to Court, you have come to the right place.
There are lots of papers and bits of information to help you fight the Banks / Mortgage Companies.We are just help you along the path.

The Purpose (Our Mission)

Our Mission Statement:

We are not legal eagles, solicitors or barristers, we know nothing of the law [in the legal sense], we do however, belong to a very powerful group who are taking back control of this era, bit by bit. Facebook itself is helping to get the word out there, that we can “help ourselves”.

This is a disclaimer statement to protect us from any possible legal actions from trying to help others as best we can.


However, It is also a statement to encourage you to help yourself and to know you are not alone at this difficult time in all our lives.

Always seek legal advice,,,,,,,,,, We are an information site and acting on personal experience only.


  • To put some power back into your hands / lives.
  • To alleviate your ‘Fear’ by knowing you are not alone.
    • Rid yourself of Fear and you are on the Road to Recovery.
  • To supply, freely, as much information as we can for you to use.
  • K.I.S.S:- For us to ‘ Keep It Simple Stupid ’ we promise to keep it as clear as possible for you to use.
  • To be very transparent so you are assured we have no hidden agendas.
  • And our Main Objective is quite simply to ‘ Help ’.

Our Goals:

  • Facebook users – Networking together.
  • Our Web Page users.
  • ‘Likes’
  • ‘Shares’ get the whole Nation using this Web Site !
  • Meeting people (at court etc).
  • Word of Mouth:- Pass it on.

Project Constraints

We are a self help group: you still have to do the work, but we are here to help.