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We do not charge: we work on donation. If you are asked for money and they claim to be from the Hub please contact us on 089-22-93-665 or email us:

The Gog

The aim of The Hub-Ireland is to:

  • Help people with their court case because the system is weighted against them and the Litigant in Person.
  • Help people stay in their homes. To empower people, through self-help and our 100% support, to dispel the fear and fight for their EU and constitutionally protected homes.
  • We help people with all their replying paperwork, as needed.
  • We give them moral and as far as possible; emotional support.
  • We give people the information they need to fight their case in court.
  • Filling the gap as there is NO FREE legal support for people in contract difficulties with financial institutions.
  • Dispel the fear so people attend the Courts and act in their own cases.
  • Assist people with their court paperwork for free and for the public good.
  • Give people some peace of mind to be able to sleep at night: explaining the next few years in Court, what they can expect and the many outcomes that are possible.
  • Relieve the pressure people are under and their families.
  • Main Goal: To help people stay in their homes until there is a change in the system that is Ireland at present!