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Please watch this video for the facts on the political & Private Business Scam: well done to those

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Irish Water. The Scam, Lies & Keeping You In The Dark!


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NCM-Letter and Factsheet (Group Notice)

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 Irish Water Financial Drought: the project for 2015: The Drought

IW send back

We held a COI admins meeting on Wednesday 31st in Kildare (the Hub are not part of COI but are proud to be associated with them).
Many good suggestions were brought to the table and ongoing work is commencing in fine tuning these ideas.
One of our admins (Mrs Pat Dodd) spoke of a project she had in mind for April 2015 When IW intend to send out water bills.
We thought it was an excellent idea so we have decided to run with it.
We named the project ‘IW Financial drought’
(Please note: This project is directed at IW bills ONLY and not IW water application packs)
Below are the details of how it works.
When/if you receive an IW bill.
Don’t open it.
Don’t return it to IW.
Don’t dispose of it.
Write ‘No contract, No consent’ on the envelope and keep it in a safe place.
A collection point will be arranged in your area.
Bring the IW bill to the collection point and deposit the IW bill in the collection box provided. (we will help arrange this)
If you know of a relative, friend or elderly person who can’t make it to the collection point, please consider offering to bring their IW bill to the collection point on their behalf.
The stewards will then count the number of IW bills in the box and write the total number of IW bills on the outside of the box.
The boxes will then be collected from all over Ireland and a final count will take place via the totals written on the outside of the boxes.
The truckloads of boxes will then be delivered to IW HQ. (This will be captured on video)….
This way we (The people of Ireland) will have the true numbers (that cannot be disputed) of people who will not pay for water twice via double taxation and privatization.
We intend to present copies of the video to RTE, TV3, Vincent Brown, etc and we ask your help in suggesting any other media outlet we could avail of.
We also ask all those (from every county) willing to volunteer to pm the admins on the ‘COI’ page.
We ask you to close your eyes for a moment and visualize a huge wall of boxes containing returned IW bills at IW HO and the impact this statement will have on IW & world media from the people of Ireland.
Our marches and demonstrations have and continue to have some impact on rewinding this government as they backtracked but we need more inventive ideas and projects to coincide.
Keep the pressure on so they know the people of Ireland are never gonna sit down for this IW fiasco.
We encourage you all to get involved, fight back and stay the course.